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Welcome to the Blixems website

If you are a new member for this website please sign up on the top of the screen

There are still some problems concerning the name you choose to be able to log in to this website
If that does happen to you please try to add a number or a extra letter to your name
But please make your name your main characters name, So we can easily know who you are

You are probably wondering why the guild have a website? Well to answer your question please read futher

1.You can see what raids we are going to do and when we are going to do them
2.You can make use of the armory which is linked to the Neverendless-wow armory
   so you can see stats of other players characters
3.You can read what new things is happening in the guild which is located on the
   main page (the one where you are reading this now
4.You can read topics and make new topics, And to do so you must go to the
   Forums tab located at the top of the screen
5.If you have ever struggled to find your way around a raid, You can come to
   this website and find a map which shows you where the bosses are and
   which loot they drop, All that is found on the top of the screen under the
   Raid Maps tab
6.You can also find some guides here, We the Blixems will try to keep them
   updated as necessary to help you with anything you struggle with
7.On the right side of the screen there is a voting poll, Where there will be
   new things to vote on every week, To help the guild improve their existence

Thank you for reading this welcome message, If you struggle with anything
please email me at

Or whisper me in-game Angertank

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